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Filmed at our East Hanover location

  Tent Option
Available at our East Hanover location

  Powerhouse Studios East Hanover
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  LED Special Effect & Nite Club Lighting System
at our East Hanover location

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  Great Environment
Powerhouse Studios East Hanover is a private event space. It has a vibrant nightclub atmosphere with a hint of Hollywood charm. It is just the right blend to make this location a unique venue. We offer all inclusive packages and a knowledgeable staff that will help you to plan an easy and affordable party from start to finish.

The Original
We have paved the way for the alternative event space, giving clients more options than the traditional standard choices. For over a decade, Powerhouse Studios East Hanover has kept a great reputation and evolved to become a full-service facility offering all the amenities needed to make hosting a party easy and affordable.

One of a Kind
Powerhouse Studios East Hanover is a state-of-the-art event space that keeps up with all the latest trends and technology. We are consistently updating the studio to give our guests an exciting new experience each time they visit.

The Perfect Choice
Looking for an affordable event space that's out of the ordinary and has a touch of sophistication that can meet your budget and give you peace of mind? Well, you found it! Powerhouse Studios East Hanover. It's unique, it's charming, it's affordable, and we make it simple!

The Powerhouse Difference
At Powerhouse Studios East Hanover, it's never the same old thing over and over. We help our clients customize their parties to meet their individual needs, from changing the room layout and color scheme to putting together a creative menu and choosing just the right music, activities and entertainment. We believe in a fresh approach and create each event with its own personality that compliments you!

We Make It Simple
All of your arrangements can be made with one simple phone call. So call us today to get the party started!